Help & Advice

You can use this page to learn how to fit the Gentle Leader®. Alternatively click on the link below to download a PDF version of the instructions. Follow the instructions carefully taking the time to adjust the Gentle Leader® to fit the contours of your dog’s face for a comfortable fit. Throughout the fitting process & during initial use of a Gentle Leader®, motivate & encourage your dog with praise & tasty treats… more

Please find below a great video to demonstrate the benefits of using a Beaphar Gentle Leader. From watching the video you will be able to see how a Gentle Leader stops dogs pulling on the lead, simplifies training and corrects behaviours…more

The nose loop goes around the dog’s nose & jaw and acts in the same way as a pack-leader’s mouth – this is a clear signal to the dog that you are the leader. The neck strap puts pressure on the back of the neck which causes an instinctive relaxation response when the dog tries to pull forwards. The dog will instinctively lean back against the pressure, putting an end to pulling on the lead forever… more