Dogs Today – Trouble in Paradise

Leading a charmed life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – sometimes you really can have too much of a good thing!

Mondays are my days for catching up on paperwork or doing emergency consultations. It is also the day that my veterinary clients know they have a good chance of finding me in. So it was this particular Monday when the phone rang. It was Richard, head of a veterinary practice at the edge of my travelling range. He wanted to talk through one of his cases, Otto the Vizsla. Otto lived on a beautiful estate with his owners, Helen and James, and another dog, a Lurcher called Clyde. Both dogs were rescues. Nine-year-old Otto had been with Helen and James since he was a year old and they were his second owners. Helen told me later that when the previous owners arrived with him, Otto had been sick in their car and he was dragged out and hit. Helen decided then that he was not going back with them. Since Otto has been with them, Helen and James have never had any problems with him, though he is a very sensitive dog. They do travel a bit but have a housesitter who moves in while they are away or they use a friendly kennels nearby……. to read the article in full click here.