Dogs Today – The thrill of the chase

Oh dear. Nothing is less pleasant than being dragged around by the wrist or having to run around like crazy in hot pursuit of a focussed Jenny! Helen was a pre-veterinary course student in my behaviour classes at The Ohio State University in Columbus, USA, this year, where, as well as getting good doses of theory about cat and dog behaviour, the students are encouraged to bring their dogs for some hands-on work. When I first met Jenny in the arena where we hold the practical sessions, I was most impressed by her strength. She ran to me and leapt up against me in an enthusiastic greeting and nearly knocked me over, even though I was ready for it! This gal knew how to throw her weight around, and I could see why she was posing a threat to her owner’s arm health. If she really put her mind to running away and ‘chasing stuff’ on walks, not an awful lot would stop her…….to read the article in full click here.