Dogs Today – Help with physical and mental scars

When clients contact me for help, the first thing I usually notice is their overwhelming concern for their dog’s well-being. It is a sign of the times, where owners want what’s best for their dogs, and this includes the use of modern, up-to-date behaviour therapy services and training techniques. Nobody wants to use the old ‘stomp and jerk’ methods anymore, not in the UK or down in South Africa where I am a partner in the Thinking Pets Practice, based in Johannesburg, and like to see the odd case when I am passing through! But in this case, the thing that drew my eye was that Bullmastiffs should not be called Shep! Shep is the name of a famous Border Collie on Blue Peter, as everyone of ‘my era’ knows. One stills hears the odd cry of, “Get down, Shep” from time to time, and sometimes from people who are far too young to have seen John Noakes and his famous pooch on TV!………to read the article in full click here.